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Our Story


Kevin and Kristen met in 1988 and married in 1990 after Kevin’s graduation from the United States Military Academy. We are blessed with a daughter, Katy, a son, Kyle, a son-in-law, Kenny, and a daughter-in-law, Faith.


Our time with the Army over the past 34 years and our personal love for travel have led us on many adventures around the world. We love food and the community it fosters. We have sampled some of the greatest cuisine our world has to offer, but we absolutely fell in love with the warmth, comfort and style of French pastries and breads. We want our customers to experience that same warmth, comfort and style when they bless us by visiting L’Etoile Patisserie.  


God fostered the idea for this effort and He has made it possible for it to be a reality. We want to glorify Him through service to our community and through providing excellent pastries and breads.   

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